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About Inex Floors

Inex Floors is in the business of manufacturing high quality, artisan hardwood floors. We manufacture well over 300 varieties of hardwood parquet flooring, medallions, and borders. Since 1994, we are providing the complete cycle of in-house floor fabrication.

Our production facility has a wide array of hardwoods to choose from including beech, birch, hornbeam, maple, white or red oak, cherry and ash, as well as more exotic woods including merbau, bubinga, padauk, wenge and many others. 


Inex Floors are a cut above the rest. Our products can be found in  many elite homes, apartments, and offices throughout Europe and North America.



 The intricate, highly detailed designs used to be limited to museums and palaces. But with today's technology and an abundance of exceptionally skilled craftsmen we are able to bring this product to consumers.

The preparation of high quality hardwood flooring at Inex Floors begins with an extended wood drying process whereby the wood is aired out for four months. Then, under a uniquely designed advanced robotic system, the wood is brought into a specially constructed unpressurized convection drying room with an elevated temperature to aid in the process of evaporation.  This exacting procedure allows us to determine when the wood reaches a specific humidity of 8-9% which is perfect for cutting intricate shapes.  Our product is meant to give you pleasure for a lifetime, so we allow the wood to dry on its own, as nature intended.

In the process of producing our finely detailed floors, we have developed specialized micro-router systems which give us precision cutting far beyond that of our competitors' laser-cut parquet. Laser cutting sears the wood, creating gaps, whereas our routed inlays have a minimal junction, making our floors virtually seamless.

The products are supplied unfinished, so that you may sand and finish them according to your specifications, or factory finished.

Please take the time to look around our website so that you can find the floor of your dreams.

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